International Mermaid Museum

This is the first museum of its kind in the world and it will be located in beautiful Grays Harbor County. The museum’s mission is to creatively teach ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor by immersing it in mermaid mythology. All oceanic countries have mermaid lore thus providing a thread of connectivity and commonality between and through both community and culture. Because it is the first of its kind, the museum will generate worldwide media attention. The development of this project, with an anticipation of generating several thousand new visitors per year, will result in increased spending in lodging, entertainment, and food purchases. These trickle down to more jobs, more tax revenue, and more indirect or secondary circulation of funds within the community.
Most importantly, those visitors who enjoy the International Mermaid Museum in turn become the influencers that recommend to their friends and family to make the trip to the Washington Coast to enjoy not only the natural beauty, but to dive into the mermaid culture and experience the magic of the underwater world as expressed through art, science, literature, music and film.

Грант предоставил Seattle, WA (December 2019)