Rewilding Boxes

The aim of this project is to give people free access to mini-tool kits to help increase the bio-diversity of local areas in and around Glasgow, and play a part in positive, affirmative action on climate change. It's important to me that this work takes place at a local community level, showing people that their small actions can be the start of something larger, and further developing Glasgow's legacy as one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Before moving to Glasgow, I was involved in a project to make community book exchanges in Liverpool, and I have further developed the idea to enable members of the public to freely and easily make small changes to their own local environment.

The Rewilding Boxes will be 12 Boxes made from reclaimed wood, which will be decorated with bright folk patters and emblazoned with words of encouragement and hope, taken from recent conversations I've had in Glasgow with members of the public and with local business owners. Inside the boxes will be small packets of indigenous local wildflower, grass and plant seeds, as well as small zines explaining how each plant species helps the local environment, with further ideas for how to make small changes that lower your individual carbon footprint. The plants will help to increase biodiversity as they can be scattered on banks, ditches and lawns and will help attract and sustain pollinating insects and moth populations, which in turn encourage bats, owls, voles, hedgehogs and other native wildlife in the area.

It is my plan to locate the boxes in a range of locations across Glasgow. I have already spoken to several independent businesses who have said they they would happily have a Rewilding Box in their shop, and there are also two local community gardens who are also interested at this stage. For the zine printing I have spoken to a local print studio who are happy to help me print on recycled compostable paper with non-toxic inks at a reduced rate.

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