Greenhouse startup

I am starting a greenhouse program at Sprague High School, where I am currently a science teacher. Sprague has an amazing greenhouse facility just outside the building, but it has been unused for a few years. The greenhouse itself needs a little work, it has some shelves that need to be rebuilt and needs to have the vent system fixed. However, my priority is to acquire seeds and starts to begin cultivating as the facility is usable, and then I will work on greenhouse updates. It is my goal to get the greenhouse up and running this year, so the first step is to obtain some plants for students to begin working with.

In order to achieve this goal, I plan on starting on a small scale. I am striving to move large portions of my teaching out into the greenhouse facility. Research in education strongly indicates that providing students with opportunities to experience hands on, real life learning, enables them to engage deeper in their understanding of the curriculum. School Garden Project is one example of this style of learning. I am basing the Sprague greenhouse project off of the School Garden Project mission: School Garden Project is committed to a future in which all children become knowledgeable, healthy adults who understand the basics of growing food, can apply science principles to garden ecosystems, steward the natural world, eat fruits and vegetables, and contribute to a thriving community (School Garden Project Website). School Garden Project has inspired me to incorporate gardening into my curriculum and the Awesome Foundation Grant is a way that I can achieve my greenhouse goals.

Lastly, my long term goals involve making the greenhouse usable so that other teachers and students to have access to the space as well. I am excited about the opportunity to receive the Awesome Foundation Grant and further the awesomeness in the Portland area.

Грант предоставил Portland, OR (September 2019)