Aging 100

Aging 100 is a group of millennials, seniors, caregivers, non-profits, volunteers and physicians with a mission of helping all senior citizens reach the age of 100 and beyond. Our goal is to not only help improve the quality of life for seniors in local communities but aid them as they navigate the journey of aging. Our mission is achieved by providing community-based support to seniors through our Healthy Aging and Life Enrichment (HALE) program, 100 Red Bags Initiative, granting an unfilled wish to deserving centenarians and researching best practices from the longest-living cultures in the world.

Our most popular program is our 100 Red Bags Initiative. With our red bag initiative, we offer underserved seniors a red polypropylene drawstring bag filled with items and material that will keep them physically and mentally active. Items can include word search puzzle books (simple cognitive activities for brain stimulation), a stress ball (to help manage or prevent arthritis), and one light resistance band/cord (strength training to improve balance, stability, mobility and coordination). Each red bag also includes toiletry items. This recyclable and water resistant bag can also be reused to carry food, medication, clothing, blankets and much more (Contents of each bag may vary depending on the supplies readily available).

Грант предоставил Atlanta, GA (September 2019)