Doula Support Foundation’s 1st Benefit Concert

On November 23rd, 2019, the Doula Support Foundation will be hosting a fundraising concert here in Kingston. There are many costs associated with starting a non-profit and we also want to be able to cover the costs of the services the Doula Support Foundation (DSF) will start providing in the Fall. We believe that a fundraising concert is the perfect way to address these needs and launch DSF into the community. As DSF was only officially incorporated in October of 2018, we are currently focusing on getting the word out about DSF; raising awareness about the evidence-based value of doula care in pregnancy and birth; and building and strengthening community partnerships with organisations, businesses, and healthcare providers we want to work with in Kingston and the surrounding areas.
This fundraising concert will thus be a key component of both raising funds to be able to open our doors while also marketing us to communities and families we want to work with. We are very excited that we have been able to secure performers like the Gertrudes, The Weather Station, and The Lemon Bucket Orkestra to perform at this year’s concert. We found a great venue—The Spire, right in the heart of Kingston—which thankfully requires low overhead costs, and thus will allow us to maximize the Doula Support Foundation’s fundraising potential. We feel very honoured that these bands are willing to come and help support us and we want to make sure we have the equipment and systems in place for them to put on an incredible performance for a sold out concert! We were thrilled to pitch at last month's Pitch Party; we're hoping we'll be the ones selected for the grant this month!

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