The San Antonio Heron

The San Antonio Heron wants to chronicle the changes happening to downtown San Antonio. Specifically, we look at how housing incentives impact development, and how that development impacts the downtown neighborhoods like Dignowity Hill and Tobin Hill. We strive to juxtapose data with anecdotal content.

Most people don't understand how growth works in downtown San Antonio. This lack of understanding leads to uninformed opinions about downtown development and its impact on the urban neighborhoods. Sides have formed on policies such as the Center City Housing Incentive Policy. Sides should be forming on the San Antonio Housing Trust Public Facilities Corporation, but it’s so complex, not even most City Council members know how that one works. Most people don't have enough information to make an informed opinion. Grassroots advocacy groups typically don't see the developers' perspective, and developers typically don't see the perspective of advocacy groups.

The San Antonio Heron strives to really dig into the policies and issues involving growth in the downtown area. We strive to present all sides of the issue—whether it’s CCHIP or Hemisfair or the Alamo master plan—in the most objective way possible, so that readers can decide on their own how they feel about it. If the reader has read the piece and has no clue where the writer or the Heron stand on the issue, then we’ve succeeded.

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