Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas

The mission of Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas is to support mothers and their loved ones who are experiencing this loss by providing compassionate guidance through the process of birth, meeting baby for the first time, making the time together meaningful, and saying goodbye. We want parents to be left with as little regret as possible, given the overwhelming and sometimes immediate situation.

Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas exists to support grieving parents following the loss of a pregnancy or an infant. We help caregivers and parents mourn and celebrate the lives of their children across their spectrum of need — from assisting with immediate practical decisions to providing ongoing physical and emotional care.

Like a traditional birth doula, they provide physical, emotional and informational support during labor and birth but have special training in perinatal loss. Bereavement doulas will work with parents to honor this birth and help them make decisions based on their unique values, beliefs, and preferences. With realistic optimism, doulas will explain what is happening, what is about to happen, and what could happen. More importantly, they have a passion to work with these families and have hearts full of love for these babies.

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