Mount Hutton Tennis Club- Kids Court & Playground!

My project is to construct an enclosed mini tennis court and play area at Mount Hutton Tennis Courts! The tennis courts currently have an undercover BBQ area and what I'm attempting to do is create a safe and secure place for kids to play while friends/families play tennis or waiting for their own turn to play tennis.

I spent last year fundraising money holding community events at the tennis courts and running a Cadbury Fundraiser, which successfully earned $1000 profit that allowed me to complete stage 1 of the project- which was getting a fully enclosed pool fence around the area. The area is now fully enclosed with magnetic lock gates, so kids can be left there safely to play!

The whole theory behind the project is to get people of all ages out exercising and socializing, plus of course playing tennis! Unfortunately tennis is a dying sport in Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, with numbers of players drastically decreasing every year. As an avid tennis player myself, my goal is to bring tennis back and easily accessible to all people, ranging from 3 year olds to 99 years plus! This allows parents to play while kids are safe, plus provides an area for children!

Stage 2 of the project involves leveling and cementing the play area, then painting it with the "bright blue" tennis court paint (it's called acyrillic resurfacer, it's the final layer of a tennis court that makes cushions the surface from the concrete below. Makes them look all glossy like at the Australian Open too!" I have sourced someone who is willing to supply all the materials for $1000, so when I saw this opportunity I had to apply!

If we were to secure the money we would hold a community working bee to get the works done. I have a friend experienced in tennis court laying so he will lead the way for us volunteers! Then all we have to do is fundraise for the remaining toys/equipment to fill the area, plus a tennis net to go in the middle. We have already received many generous donations of these items!

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