Gumsphere 300

Gumsphere 300 is taking some very excellent musical and artistic talent from Calgary, mashing it all up into a crazy-awesome show and taking it on the road across North America in 8 tiny Ford Festivas. The audience is already pumped, the artists are primed, the itinerary is mostly locked in, and there's a lot of very good buzz about this. Everyone (and we mean EVERYONE – from radio to print to beer sponsors to online car forums) is behind this the second they hear about it! Did we mention the cars are customized? Did we mention that there'll be a full-length documentary made? Did we mention the young and talented Calgary bands are making tour contacts and career-enhancing moves all up in this festival? Car enthusiasts love it, music lovers love it, weirdo performing artists love it, and it's for all of them, and for you that Gumsphere 300 is happening. We're making it happen with a lot of their help, a lot of elbow grease and hopefully Awesome Calgary's $1000.

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Грант предоставил Calgary, AB (February 2012)

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