Warm Blanket Hugs

In 2009, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Having epilepsy caused me to be hospitalized. When I was in the hospital I received a blanket. I know how the comfort from a blanket made me feel. So, I want to spread that comfort from a blanket that not all people get to feel.

I created Warm Blanket Hugs to help others feel the comfort that I felt. Through Warm Blanket Hugs I show people how easy it is to donate or make a blanket for people in need of comfort. Anybody can make a blanket then donate it. Blankets are donated across the globe. In fact I have even donated across all 50 states in the United States. Since 2014, I have donated over 700 blankets. If you are wondering how to make a blanket, I send packets of information that shows people how to make and where to donate the blankets.

The blankets can be donated to: adoption homes, shelters, hospitals, the homeless, kids going through tough times. They are sent to both children and adults.

My goal is to donate 1,000 blankets by July and 1,500 by January 2020.

Warm Blanket Hugs
Providing Love Through Blankets
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I am starting a YouTube channel to post videos on how to make blankets along with other information.

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