Seperated Families Community

A new program called the Separated Families Community seeks to bring together families that have only one parent due to dissolution of the relationship, deportation, or incarceration. It's an idea from Motherland Health, an organization that provides free mental health counseling.

"Motherland Health is not just a place to receive counseling," says Kasakwe, "but a community center that is used to help each individual achieve their own path to overall wellness." Kasakwe hopes to hold monthly and even biweekly events to create, she says, "a community that strengthens each other and encourages each other."

To help the program get started, Motherland Health has received a $1,000 gift from the Awesome Foundation of Cass/Clay. The money will help the inaugural event by funding refreshments and activities.

Грант предоставил Cass Clay (May 2019)