Kaboom playground build

  • Through a community-driven effort, the Bailey Park Project purchased several vacant lots that will become Bailey Park. Bailey Park will bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the McDougall-Hunt community. It will be the first community neighborhood gathering place that has been created in years and will have ample green space for community activities and events. Bailey Park will provide recreational opportunities for everyone from children to senior citizens; In June of 2019 we will break ground and build the play area for the park. The Bailey Park Project in partnership with Kaboom. In one day the neighborhood will gain an open, inclusive, and accessible play area for children of all abilities. Kaboom with a grant from Forester Financial will pay for the playground. The Bailey Park Project will need to cover the cost for tools to prep the land for the build, equipment and food for 100 volunteers.

Грант предоставил Ann Arbor, MI (June 2019)