Empowering Independent Cyclists in Liverpool

My project is to empower people to cycle in Liverpool and give them the self-confidence to maintain their bike for themselves. I’ll do this by organising a series of workshop classes for the public at Make. North Docks.

I will teach people in small groups at an affordable subsidised price how to clean, maintain and adjust their bike so they can ride it in Liverpool, and benefit from the freedom, exercise and mobility of their bike.

I’ve practised this type of class with members of the Make North Docks makers’ space. In a class lasting 2 hours I can teach 5 people
-How to adjust the bike to fit themselves best for maximum comfort and confidence when cycling.
-How to clean and lubricate their bike.
-How to repair a puncture or replace inner tubes and tyres.
-How to adjust brake pads for safe braking.
-Other basic maintenance, such as pumping tyres to the correct pressure.

Грант предоставил Liverpool (April 2019)