Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Calendar

We call the incursion of invasive species the "silent invasion" since people fail to realize the impacts until it's too late. Invasive species are the second leading cause to the loss of biodiversity, only second to habitat destruction and the Hawaiian Islands are experiencing the highest amount of species loss in the nation. Hawaii comprises nearly 3/4's of Federally listed endangered species but only comprises 0.2% of the nation's landmass. A major issue is the majority of people are not concerned with invasive species and cannot tell a native species from an invasive one. Public outreach and communication is a key component to protecting Hawaii from new and existing invasive species. Current forms of outreach are having a presence at community events, hosting volunteer trips, and having a press release about more pressing issues in the media.

Грант предоставил Oahu, HI (April 2019)