Move with Project Autism - York Region

We would like to start offering a weekly program in Newmarket for children with autism. We will be also offering a once a month Girls Group as well as the weekly Move program.

The Girls Group is a much needed initiative. It is so important for girls on the spectrum to find other girls like themselves and learn that they are not alone. We provide a much needed social opportunity in an inclusive environment. Each month will include a different activity that the girls will get to enjoy while socializing and enjoying a sense of community.

Our Move program is all about getting active and having fun while doing it. We play a variety of cooperative games as well as our own versions of various sports. We play roller scooter soccer, ball hockey, basketball, parachute games and more. All of our active games have been modified to enhance participation and a feeling of positivity. Our participants get to enjoy being active and socialize in an accepting and non-competitive environment.

It is about community working together and creating something new and exciting. Together we are creating a nurturing environment that our children can be a part of. There is no judgement and no expectations from them. They are free to be themselves and are accepted for who they are. We encourage them to explore, try new experiences and find the best version of themselves.

Our programs are completely free. Everything we do is done through the generosity of volunteers. This way there are no barriers for anyone to participate. Our programs are geared towards those on the autism spectrum but are open to any special needs children regardless of diagnosis.

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