Gnome for a home

"Gnome for a home" is 10 years old Lylia dream to help homeless in Kingston. During the holidays, Lylia designed and painted 200 greeting cards (representing gnomes) that she sold ($5 each) to help the homeless in Kingston. On December 21st, she was able to donate $ 1000 to the non-profit organization Martha's Table. "Gnome for a home" cards has sold so fast and Lylia was so proud that she decided to paint another 200 Valentine's themed cards (representing) gnomes and taking 100% proceeds again to Martha's Table to help homeless. Lylia's dream is to see "Gnome for a home" club in schools in Kingston and why not other Canada cities... may be around the world? "Gnome for a home cards" have been seen in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Paris and Tunis !!! Many other kids can join and personalize her cards and use their own network to sell even more cards! Lylia is already thinking about Mother's Day and Father's Day themed "Gnome for a home" cards.

Грант предоставил Kingston (February 2019)