Swing, Swing Together!

The awesomeness of the project “Swing, Swing Together” is that in Hin Shen, where we are surrounded with amazing nature, we want to create a garden of swings for kids and the whole community to swing in the mountains together as the great craze of 2019. As it says in the famous song:

We can swing together, 'cause we feel we're doing it right
We can swing together; we can swing all through the night

So, there will be a swing garden in the mountains, comprising of swing-sets, each of which will be designed for three people. All the three-seated sets will be connected together through a bright orange line, symbolising the energy drawing interconnection within, between and beyond the whole (see the picture)'. 'Swinging with two other people has greater potential than swinging alone'(see the picture). In this regard, there was an experiment, revealing that simply moving in sync improves pro social behaviour - empowering the process of getting along, acting empathetically and cooperatively with one another.

The garden of swings will accumulate the whole community energy into a collaborative action through inviting not only kids but also their families and other community members to join and combat social apathy through play, swinging and having fun together.

The main outcomes of the project would be as follows:

  1. the community will create a child-friendly space which will encourage the local authorities to take action to transform it into a bigger playground later on

  2. the process of the building up itself will empower community volunteering and engage the whole community-families of the villagers to participate in creating something for the benefit of others, as well as gathering everyone in the village to be connected through one action

  3. the project can connect two neighbouring villages as the children/community members from Mets Shen can also join in to swing and, thus, create an environment of friendship between two communities

Грант предоставил Artsakh (February 2019)