Jade + Woe

Jade + Woe, a Detroit based, non-profit art collective dedicated to conceptualizing and creating solutions in visual + experiential communication. We are not one physical space; we are a catalyst for collaboration that brings artists together through in real life experiences and interactions. The fundamentals of our multidisciplinary platform focus on collaborative and autonomous projects, in which, continuous development and encouragement of artists to step outside of their status quo is encouraged. With a goal for total inclusion, artists are invited to further their experience, promote their work, and connect with like-minded individuals. Our first project connects visual artists with musicians within the Detroit area and focuses on minority groups within these creative fields in efforts to take physical action toward creating what we common know as a ‘safe space’ but rarely experience. It will be an art exhibition held in February at Hard Gallery in Detroit with proceeds from the sold art going to the Ruth Ellis Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ youth.

Грант предоставил Ann Arbor, MI (February 2019)