Project X Bronx Poetry & Arts Festival

We love to support people who are passionate about building and supporting their communities, so we are so excited to support Project X as they launch a new Poetry & Arts festival this summer.

In organizer Noel Quiñones's own words:

Over the past three years Project X has organized nearly 40 slams, workshops, & community programming in the Bronx. Through this, we experienced the power poetry has on uplifting & connecting communities of color, income, disability, & sexual orientation. Throughout our season, we watch people slowly come out of their shells while making friends & gaining professional development & experience. We want to celebrate the artists that worked hard throughout the year. We want them to celebrate themselves & their resilience, & most importantly we want the rest of the Bronx to see the beautiful work growing in their backyard. Therefore our awesome project is to create and host the first ever Bronx Poetry & Arts Festival to be held in the South Bronx in August 2019.

We create a space for Bronx poets & artists to grow through friendships & opportunities. The Bronx has NYC’s highest poverty rate, leaving many artists without the leisure to work solely on their art. This combined with consistent violence on immigrants, women, & LGBTQ individuals, leads many to feel beaten down & forgotten. Project X wants to empower them to feel worthy & supported. The Bronx birthed us & art carried us through. We will remain a resource for Bronx poets & artists & commit to holding ourselves accountable. We will not be forgotten.

The festival will be held on August 10, 2019 at the iD Studio Theater in the Bronx. We hope to see you there!

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