Flipping Out: A Gymnastics Documentary

I suffered some horrific abuse at the hands of my gymnastics coach Doug Boger in the 70s/80s: being hit/kicked/poked with toothpicks/burned with a cigarette - the list goes on and on. I didn't talk about it with anyone until my mid-30s, at which point my best friend and teammate found other former gymnasts who had also suffered. We tried to get our coach removed from the sport, and through that process, we learned of many loopholes in the athlete protection policies of USA Gymnastics. This documentary details the abuse by our coach as well as the TEN YEAR BATTLE that we fought (and continue to fight) with USA Gymnastics trying to close the loopholes that we had discovered. You can imagine our devastation when the Larry Nassar case broke - and the exact policies that we tried to change could have prevented the toxic environment that allowed Larry Nassar to molest 100s of gymnasts at the Karolyis "Ranch" in Texas.

I have an ambitious goal to raise $500k thru several avenues: crowdfunding (coming in January), grant-writing (1 grant/week until it's funded), and through personal investment (of time and $). I know this is a big number, and I'm starting right here with you (!) I intend to complete the documentary by January 1st, 2020.

P.S. The website is up - but it is not active yet. I just applied for LLC status and an EIN, and I can't hook up a bank to receive money yet - so PLEASE don't attempt to back the project/"make a purchase" - this will be solved in 10- 15 business days. Thank you for understanding.

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