Swing & swim like Tarzan

What's more fun on a warm summer day then slinging yourself high in to the air from a rope on a branch, somersault and then plunge down into the cool water, while your friends are cheering and egging you on from the sides? Not much, I'd say. So let's make it happen in Utrecht City.

Some years ago I was in Vang Vieng, Laos, where the famous Tubing takes place. You taxi upstream, get in the river and let yourself drift downstream on a "tube" (inner tube from a very big tyre). Was is the gentle flowing that made it so much fun? Nope. It was the giant tarzan swings that the locals made everywhere alongside the river, to lure the tourists in. And luring they did. It wasn't just fun to do, it's also fun to watch.

I think Utrecht can use a bit of mildly risky, hugely playful fun! Something not too pc, not too granny approved, but just great fun for anyone with a pair of proverbial balls.

PS. Proverbial balls are 100% vegan, gluten-free and completely genderless. ;)

Грант предоставил Utrecht (November 2018)