Christmas for Bereaved Children

Each year we work with 200 children across Merseyside who have been affected by a loss (be that through death, incarceration, divorce etc.) and we would like to make their next Christmas without their loved one(s) memorable and magical.

Christmas is a family time and the first Christmas without your loved one can be difficult for anyone. For children we always want to make Christmas magical and protect them from the cruel reality the world often offers. This Christmas party is a chance for young people to:
Meet other children in a similar situation
Feel they are not alone
Learn to enjoy the Christmas period with acceptance of the change in their lives.

Alongside the children, Christmas is hard for the whole family, especially if here is someone missing. The Christmas party will bring a little bit of hope into each family to show they are not alone and Christmas can be a time to create new memories and remember great times. This Christmas party will give families the chance to:
Feel less isolated
Meet other families
Give parents respite during a busy and often frantic period.

Liverpool Bereavement Services provides 1:1 and group counselling for children, young people and adults who are going through a bereavement or loss. We understand that it's hard to move back to 'normality' after a loss and this party will be a chance for families and children to start building a new normal with the changes in their lives.

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