Unmonument to Liberation and Black Joy

Sensing there could be safety concerns if Baltimore citizens took to the streets to remove the city's four confederate monuments one their own, Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the sculptures to be removed from their bases overnight. The four monuments removed where those of Lee-Jackson, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and the Confederate Women's Monument. For decades these larger-than-life statues acted as silent reminders of white supremacy's thumbprint on American culture. Quietly affirming inequity and injustice as Baltimore's citizen's passed these prominent sculptures while commuting to work, school, and everyday life, their absence now calls for an Un-Monument to challenge the unspoken. The Un-Monument will depict 12' statue of a dirt bike rider perched in a “12 o’clock” position.

Together with We The Builders, residents of Baltimore and beyond will participate in creating a collaborative community sculpture project to challenge the notion that we should honor the legacy of those whose work has perpetuated the injustices that divides our country. The Un-monument is constructed by 3D scanning a live model on a dirt bike and creating a digital image that is then divided into thousands of sections that are labeled and catalogued on the We the Builders website/platform. Parts can then be claimed and downloaded allowing files to be crowd-sourced for 3D printing by participants. Parts are shipped to a central location where they will be assembled to erect the Un-monument. There will be a series of organized public print and share events in collaboration with B-360 Baltimore where people without access to 3D printers can come claim and print a part.

Грант предоставил Baltimore, MD (October 2018)