St George St Virtual Time Machine.

Imagine if you could walk down St George St and read an info panel on every building that would contain an historical photo, the original owners historical information, and a timeline of uses.

I will create 360 degree images with interactive interpretive information for 5 key locations along St George St between the Court House and The O'Dell Museum.

The "Virtual Time Machine" can easily be accessible directly on local web sites such as Map Annapolis or the Town of Annapolis Royal. Directly embedded or via links.

Brochures will be published to direct the public to the online experience that they can access via smart phone or tablet on site, or any computer with internet access.

(The project website is an example of a "test run" if you click on the info icon on the light house you can see a draft example of an info panel.)

Грант предоставил Annapolis, NS (October 2018)