Let's Make Glasgow's Healthy!

I would hold a well-being event for the public to attend for free. The location of the event would be within Greater Glasgow, preferably in Maryhill area, where these types of events don't tend to take place (I have an amazing studio in mind, awaiting confirmation). I would be targeting people with low income /people who don't usually have access to well-being activities.

The event would involve various aspects to overall well-being. The event would be split into physical well-being and mental well-being - showing that the two are interlinked and we need both to have overall health. There would be movement activities such as beginner yoga and Pilates, to illustrate simple movements being sufficient for exercise and allowing individuals to not feel they have to run 10k to be fit and health. For mental well-being, mindfulness and meditation workshops would take place to allow people to learn how to do this and why it's useful, Practices such as QiGong would also be taught, to show that both physical and mental health can be looked after all at once. The last aspect of the event would be creativity - zine making activities to allow everyone's creative sides to come out, which is fantastic for mental well-being and allowing individuals to feel focused and driven on a task which has a positive outcome.

Грант предоставил Glasgow (August 2018)