Ink Project

The purpose of Ink Project is to provide free tattoo cover ups for individuals that believe their pre-existing tattoos are impeding their lives. This program is intended to empower individuals and to support individuals in enhancing their lives by providing a resource for tattoo cover ups of racist, gang, and/or profane tattoos. The idea is to connect community members, local human service agencies, and community businesses to address the need of tattoo cover ups. Their are many in our community that feel that their tattoos are keeping them from employment opportunities and from being able to fully participate positively in our community. Ink Project is the means by which individuals in our community can replace a negative image on their skin with a new image and eliminate the barriers the old tattoo presented.

Ink Project is a local resource for individuals in the Michiana area. It supports community serving community and agency networking. Only agencies and local community groups can refer individuals for a tattoo cover up. This way, those that are already actively involved in changing their lives for the better or are positively enhancing the community and those that have the most need for the free cover ups are reached. Ink Project uses talented local tattoo artists to complete the tattoo cover ups. This supports the local small businesses and creates another positive network between the local tattoo artists in the Michiana area.

Грант предоставил South Bend, IN (August 2018)