Off The Hook Walking Tours

Off the Hook Walking Tours was born from a dream to show summer visitors the beauty of Rockport's downtown area. We partnered with local businesses to give visitors the opportunity to sample food from popular downtown restaurants and retail discounts to downtown shops. Along the hour-long tour, we share stories of Rockport's unique history, including all of the quirky tales that make the area so special. Our tour helps encourage visitors to interact with local businesses and truly appreciate the beauty and history of the beloved town. Off the Hook is also stationed right next to the Rockport Visitor's Center, so we have the opportunity to share insight with locals who are looking for information on what to do and where to go around town. Off the Hook encourages visitors to immerse themselves in their visit to Rockport, teaching them insights and showing them locations to spend their time in town like a true local.

Грант предоставил Rockport, MA (June 2018)