Face of Hunger Exhibit

The proposed 2018 federal budget includes a 30% cut in Calfresh (food stamps) benefits, and other social services, which will greatly impact the most vulnerable denizens of San Jose. Given this policy shift and drastically changing political climate, Second Harvest Food Bank is in need of an artistic profile series of those experiencing food insecurity, in order to highlight the diverse needs of our community. I hope to capture, through photojournalism, five experiences of people struggling to meet their basic needs in our community. For example, the first participant is an asylum seeker from Yemen, who has recently started over in San Jose.

I plan on having a meal with participants, utilizing a professional photograph (my sister) to photograph them at relevant sites around San Jose, and capturing their personal stories through a written profile. In order to reach a diverse population, we will outreach to the social services agency, attend community dinners and college food distributions in high need locations, and coordinate with Second Harvest Food Bank and other outreach groups.

Second Harvest Food Bank will utilize the exhibit in order to build community and civic engagement among groups currently not engaged; the unveiling will be in November 2018. Content Magazine has agreed to publish the exhibit in their October 2018 issue. Lastly, we are approaching the City of San Jose to host the exhibit at City Hall.Thank you for your consideration.

Грант предоставил San Jose, CA (May 2018)