Loveland, CO (Inactive)

Этот филиал в настоящее время неактивен. Неактивный филиал, это тот филиал, которой не дал ни одного гранта в течение шести месяцев. Если вы заинтересованы в перезапуске этого филиала, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами тут.

О нас

This chapter has been placed on hold until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Loveland is about to get Awesome! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "AWESOME?"

Every chapter interprets "awesome" for itself. As such, awesome projects include initiatives in a wide range of areas including arts, technology, community development, and more. Many awesome projects are novel or experimental, and evoke surprise and delight. Awesome sometimes challenges and often inspires. Put a smile on people's faces with your project, or make them stop and think. Really, we just want to see how awesome you can be with your idea and a $1,000.

Submissions will be due by June 30th. The board of trustees will then review and vote for the top 6 finalists. All submissions will be made aware of their standing by July 7th.

The finalists agree to attend the Awesome Foundation Loveland Chapter's Pitch Night to present for a chance to win the $1000 prize. The first Pitch Night will occur on July 20th! The Pitch Night will be a fun event filled discussion on why are community is awesome and how you intend to make it even more awesome!

Finalists funding request pitches must be within 6 minutes each. Allotting for 3 minutes to pitch the idea and 3 minutes for questions. Submissions that lose can re-submit.

Things to consider with your application.

How does the Loveland community benefit from your project? What makes your project unique? Why do you need help from Loveland Awesome?

Our only rules:

1.The project must be feasible and completed within 3 months of the award.

2.The money cannot be used for personal expenses or operating expenses for an established charity.

3.You agree to come back to the next Pitch Night and tell the community all about your project, thus inspiring future awesomeness.

Preference to projects that are highly visible and/or interactive, completed within Loveland, and enacted within 3 months of the grantee receiving the funding grant.*

(Hint for success: In your application, state very specifically, how your project will make Loveland even more awesome.)


We need you! Give back and have loads of fun doing it.

Semiannually,, each of our 10 trustees donates $100 and helps select the most crazy, brilliant, positive-impact project proposal to receive our combined $1000.

Want to be a catalyst for awesomeness? Apply to become an Awesome Loveland trustee here.

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