Impressions by The Codette Project

Inspired by Getty Images’ work with, The Codette Project is looking to launch a similar photo series showing Singaporean minority women being our true, authentic selves while using technology.


The Codette Project holds the belief that the narrative of success in Singapore is currently quite narrow and that the lack of representation in the space translates to a lack of role models for minority women. We believe that tackling the issue requires a mind-set change and one of the ways of effecting this change is to provide visual representation of minority women in the technology space for minority women to identify with.

We want to use the power of imagery to change this impression of minority women. We are planning to hold a half day photoshoot by a hired professional photographer in different settings to produce quality stock photos of minority women using technology.

The project will help Singaporeans and everyone else to see minority women as the progressive, modern, tech-savvy women we are and help debunk the outdated ideas and stereotypes of minority women apparent today.

Financiado pelo capítulo Singapore (March 2018)