Earthy Summer Camps for Underserved Youth

With our 501c3 Earth Path Education we listen to the Earth as our wisest mentor and offer Nature Connection experiences, wilderness rites of passage and many creative camps to strengthen connection to one's true nature, community and place. This summer we are offering camps for ages 6-18 and we'd love to see the $1000 grant go to support 1 participant in our week long overnight Nature based Rites of Passage camp for young women (ages 11-14) and 1 participant in our week long overnight Rites of Passage camp for young men (10-13.)

We believe that with a strong connection to one intuition and inner voice, a deep connection with nature, committed mentors and a supportive group of peers, the teen years can be life giving and healthy. We devote our organization to the empowerment of our future leaders, in rooted connection to self, earth and community encouraging youth to shine their light though the long dark night into a sustainable and just future for all.

Financiado pelo capítulo Asheville, NC (March 2018)