Maple Leaf P.S. & STEM MINDS: Youth in STEM

As part of STEM MIND’s ongoing commitment to increasing access to STEM education, we are hoping to receive funding for STEM-based lunch time and in-class workshops in partnership with Maple Leaf Public School.

Maple Leaf P.S. is a YRDSB school for grades K-8 that has been identified as a “Performance Plus” school; indicating that a great number of children and families who attend the school are living in poverty. As is recognized by the leading experts in STEM education, limited financial resources are one of the largest barriers to access quality STEM opportunities.

It is the combined mission of Maple Leaf P.S. and STEM MINDS to ensure that all students, regardless of financial income, are able to participate in programs and opportunities that support and encourage their passions and growth. Through the provision of lunch time programs and in-class workshops, STEM MINDS and Maple Leaf P.S. will share their knowledge, skills, and resources to break down the barriers that low-income students face.

Some opportunities for participants include:

  1. STEAM Discovery: Each week participants will get to be hands-on in the world of STEM as they explore and build a variety of exciting projects that they get to keep! Along the way, participants will learn about design and construction and will explore key STEM concepts like electricity, motors, circuitry, and more!

  2. LEGO Robotics & Coding: Participants will get the opportunity to learn another language; the language of programming! Through a variety of hands-on challenge-based activities participants will get to explore the world of coding through the LEGO EV3 robot.

  3. 3D Printing: Participants will learn a whole new way of thinking in three dimensions and are sure to enjoy having their digital designs come to life with our 3D Printing program. Participants will explore the fundamental skills and concepts of 3D design as they create their own projects and have fun combining the world of art and STEM!

Financiado pelo capítulo Newmarket (November 2017)