Wheel Meet Again - Christmas Grotto

I've recently started working as an Outreach Worker for L8 Charity, Wheel Meet Again. We're an over 50s project that tackles social isolation for Liverpool residents by providing subsidised classes, trips and transport for Liverpool residents.

One of the first projects I have been tasked with is getting our members together to transform our building into a Christmas Grotto for the L8 community. This project will be cross-generational as we are inviting local children to write letters to Father Christmas and post them in our special Christmas post box (made by one of our members!) which we will then reply to and they'll receive their replies when they meet Father Christmas (or one of his helpers!) at our Christmas Fair on 11th November.

Last Friday we had a taster session for our Christmas Crafts class, which is going to run every Friday leading up to the fair. This session will be free for our members and we're not paying any tutors. Basically, we're all putting our heads together to use our own expertise and experience to peer teach each other different crafts which we can use to create things to Christmas-i-fy the building. So far I am providing sessions in giant snowflake making, felt baubles and gift box making (this is for one of our members who makes angel charms - she will be selling them to raise money for our charity at the fair so we're going to make boxes to put them in). Some of our members have said they will do sessions on crafts such as card making, sign writing and mini Christmas trees. We're also going to be writing 'Merry Christmas' in as many different languages as we can think of. Many of our members are from culturally diverse backgrounds so we think this is a great way to bring the community together and raise awareness of different backgrounds and different languages.

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