It Just Takes One

This project is about how are country is dividing. This book shows that it only takes one person to stand up for what is right. Even though it is tough to do. Jimmy Fallon recently said, "ignoring it, is just as bad as supporting it". We hope this book will help all kids k-6th know that it is OK to stand up for what you think is right, and have the support of your classmates as you do it. We hope each classroom can use a copy of the book, and read the book on a specific day that is recognized as "It Just Takes One Day." We hope that this helps kids stand up for each other and themselves.

I would like to create a fundraiser for this project because I would like more than just Hawley to be able to receive this book, and take part in this day. With the help of my parents I would like to share this through social media, using the hashtag #itjusttakesone. I am hoping that other people who are interested could support this by sharing and using this hashtag too.

I want to start this day in the Hawley school district, because it is a smaller school district. If we have enough funding we would like to add DGF and Moorhead in the future.

The theme of this fundraiser was inspired by the book, "One" by Kathryn Otashi.

We would use the money to purchase the book "One" by Kathryn Otashi. We would like each k-4th classroom in the Hawley and surrounding districts to own a copy of this book, incorporate it in to their lesson plans, and have student led projects incorporating concepts from it.

My name is Hali Dahl. I am 11 years old and going into 6th grade at Hawley Elementary.

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