Inner West Tool Library

Did you know that the average drill is used for less than 15 minutes in its lifetime?

The concept of a tool library is much like a book lending library, except lending out tools instead of books. Once a member, you can browse the collection either online or at the library, and loan out the tools you need.

Why a tool library?
Save money and space : once a member, individuals have access to hundreds of tools, allowing them to borrow them rather spending the money on new tools, then needing to store them.
Share skills : a space for learning how to use tools, and sharing ideas and tips.
Protect the Environment : Sharing reduces the number of new tools made, and the resources needed to produce them.
Community building : Meeting place for neighbours, open space for discussing projects and helping each other out.

Last year I did a workshop to build outdoor furniture from recycled timber. The day was great, especially learning how easy it is to build basic furniture - as long as you have the tools to do it, or money to buy them. I do not have either. Through my interest in the share economy, I had heard of a tool library in the past, so started to do some serious research. I discovered there are hundreds established in North America and Europe, and decided there should be one in Sydney! So far there are only 2 in Australia (Melbourne and Katoomba), so OZ is pretty new to the game.

The plan is to hold workshops as well, empowering the community to learn how to use power tools and be able to do their own home renovations or creative work. It will be a NFP.

Since making a Facebook page to gauge interest from the community, I’ve had over 200 people like the page, and continue to receive positive comments, offering support, donations of tools and interest to get involved.

I’m holding a meeting on July 20th in hopes to gather some of these like-minded people together and create a core Tool Library team.

Financiado pelo capítulo Sydney (November 2017)