Karaoke Tales

The premise of On the Verge is to create new innovative theatre for the non-theatre space, the pieces must be new works , performed or created by emerging talent in the country and finally the pieces must not be in a conventional theatre space.
With that my performance is called ‘Karaoke Tales’ and will be set in a private Karaoke bar on Renshaw street. For me Karaoke is a moment to look into a personality, they have their time to shine. What I find interesting is the decision people make, what is it about the song choice? The era? I believe Karaoke allows people to be something or someone they never were or never will be.
Below is a tagline I have been working on for the show:

You make the decision, not on vocal ability but on sheer dance move potential, you fill in the Karaoke slip, your name is called, the words appear on the screen, the mic feels heavy in your hand, you open your mouth and PROPER GO FOR IT.
Join us on a journey through every summer holiday this Huyton girl ventured, filled with tales of the agonizing decision each family member had to make when faced with the question “what’s your karaoke song?”. Enter the sticky floored, booze fragranced karaoke bar for a night of stories, songs and questionable vocals.

The stories of my own personal experience are where the comedic element prevails, my mother is one of six girls and within our family we uphold a very odd but stern rule book of Karaoke politics. With that the piece is a honest and voyeuristic look into my very Huyton family this is something that has been at the forefront of every personal idea about making art I have had. I believe giving a voice to the female northern woman from a council estate in Huyton is something I feel very passionately about. And now with this platform I not only have the capacity to explore this as an emerging theatre maker but also as a comedian, and with stand up being a world hugely dominated by males I feel privileged to adhere to this responsibility.

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (July 2017)