Youth Volunteer Expo

I propose a Youth Volunteer Expo. A trade show-like event where charities, non-profits, community groups, and businesses can showcase their volunteering opportunities to the youth of Sarnia. It will be held on Saturday September 23, 2017, at Lambton Mall. Here's what to expect:
* The mall full of exhibitors - every charity, community group, non-profit organization, nursing/retirement home, community event planner, and business who rely on volunteers to make their organization or event successful. All offering youth volunteering opportunities
** Also on hand, high school guidance counselors, the health unit, and police services, all offering information and guidance on how to fill out forms, get police checks or required vaccinations (nursing homes require TB testing)
*** Swag bags, prizes, the mall full of people who want to make our community better.
**** An active, well-maintained website devoted to student volunteer opportunities only. This will be ongoing - similar to a job posting board for students looking for event, programs, fundraising, or regular student volunteers.
***** Ongoing support to community organizations to create more youth volunteer opportunities

Financiado pelo capítulo Sarnia (June 2017)