1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC

1 Minute Meal uses short documentaries about food to create a more representative picture of people in New York City.

Each 60-second story is an intimate glimpse into a food, cook, business, or community in the five boroughs. Following themes of ownership, adaptation, local legacies, and unseen forces, these stories go beyond the consumption-oriented focus of mainstream food media. Among the project's 60 subjects are a Buddhist monk who cooks for his temple as a way to reduce the killing of animals, a Bronx restaurant owner who must shut down and reopen her business across town after a 300% rent increase, a group of street vendors who protest at City Hall for the right to work, and a coffee shop that sparks a fierce debate over the idea of “self-gentrification.”

1 Minute Meals has established an exciting partnership with the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) in Brooklyn. MOFAD is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink, working toward building the world's first large-scale museum with exhibits you can eat. 1 Minute Meal will be their first ever pop-up exhibit and will be kicking off with a special opening night exhibit on July 27th that brings together cooks, community members, and patrons for a curated screening, discussion, and tasting.

Through this exhibit and its opening night programming, 1 Minute Meal will give New Yorkers an affordable and tangible way to meet the people behind the stories, learn more about their success and struggles, and engage with the subject of food in a way that builds human connection.

Visit the 1 Minute Meal website to view the films, check out MOFAD.org, and mark your calendars for the opening night exhibit.

Financiado pelo capítulo New York City, NY (May 2017)