Parkinson's Action Fund

The Parkinson's Action Fund would provide scholarships to folks with Parkinson's to pay for their exercise classes. Exercise is the number one action that a PD person can take to improve their PD symptoms, after taking their medications. But PD classes in Santa Fe cost from $10/class to $20/class. Many simply cannot afford even this.

We are fortunate in Santa Fe to have a program of Parkinson's specific exercises classes that run throughout the week and month on a regular basis. But the classes aren't free.

Often we hear from PD people that they simply can't afford to go to the classes. Many are on fixed incomes, financial assistance, etc., and even the $10 for a class stretches their budget. It becomes a matter of eating or exercising!

Parkinson's Action Fund would be used to give scholarships to folks with Parkinson's to allow them to attend Parkinson's exercise classes in Santa Fe. These exercise classes cost between $10/class for our Parkinson's Wellness Recovery classes to $20/class for a Rock Steady Boxing class. These classes are designed specifically for Parkinson's patients and done regularly can significantly improve mobility, balance and strength as well as emotional well being.

Financiado pelo capítulo Santa Fe, NM (June 2017)

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