Pay A sack Forward

Pay A Sack Forward (PASF) offers frontline support to those experiencing homelessness, sleeping rough, or individuals at risk of homelessness. As we grow we'll endeavour to look into the needs of our dinosaur community. PASF offers survival sacks containing essential food, hygiene and warmth supplies, which are distributed through supporting service channels and by our own volunteer staff.

Our Melbourne headquarters “St Kilda Courtyard” doubles as a social enterprise cafe. The space is open to the community, offering an educational and hands on experience to the public. The community is encouraged to become engaged with issues surrounding homelessness. One way this is encouraged is through our on-site packing station, stocked with all the items that fill the survival sacks. Community members are offered an interactive and tangible experience that contributes to helping people in need. The sacks help meet a basic human need to those that are at a disadvantage and the space itself promotes a inclusive, shared and positive community that does not shy away from the issues in their community.

A fully stocked packing station will allows us to hold a Winter Warmer Packing and Education day. This will be an organised event outside our walk in packing opportunities. The education day will allow the community to come together, pack some sacks, discuss the issues surrounding homelessness, how they can make a difference and how we, as a whole can make a difference.

Pay A Sack is entirely community supported. This means we don’t always have the resources to keep our packing station stocked and ready to go for the community and packing days. We would love to keep this wall stocked throughout our quieter winter months and have supplies for a packing event. As this is when we know donations slow down and we struggle to keep the space open.

Financiado pelo capítulo Melbourne (March 2017)