Going to the zoo,zoo,zoo

The Special Events Committee is a group of community members support by KCHC to provide affordable trips and events to community members. Many of our families would not be able to experience the beach or the Toronto Zoo without our efforts. Each year we strive to take 150 community members to Toronto Zoo. Each bus costs almost 1,000 dollars, many of our families save all year to take their children to the Zoo, the cost to the families is the reduced admission price. Imagine a family of 4 the cost is 90$ for 2 children and 2 adults, plus the cost of any food or memorabilia from the trip. Many of our families struggle to make it through the month. We always have 3 full school buses signed up to go. The testimonials from trips past are poignant and lovely. Mothers reporting that they are as excited as their child to see the zoo, young men and women who have never left Kingston in their lives and generational family members spending time together. The sense of community and excitement is joyful.

Financiado pelo capítulo Kingston (April 2017)