Global Minds

Global Minds is a program created by a group of Allderdice High School students to combat the issues of cultural intolerance, ignorance and discrimination, through a one on one after school tutoring program. In a time when these issues are at their peak, Global Minds was developed to create meaningful relationships between American and ESL (English as a second Language) students. This program will serve as an educational support system for ESL students and will further educate American students about other cultures, in the hope of creating globally minded young leaders.

The student body is working to create a safe and engaging learning environment for all students. We anticipate more intercultural friendships and alliances between ESL and local students. Not only will this program positively impact the Allderdice student body, but allow for ESL students to find an important place within our school community.

There have been several instances of cultural intolerance and bullying within our classrooms and hallways. This is unacceptable and disciplinary measures have been taken, but that’s simply not enough. This program is a student driven response to these actions, to ensure all students are welcomed and respected. We need to have the resources to stand up and fight for our fellow students with education and knowledge. Instead of isolation and alienation, Global Minds will link all students together, encouraging trust and friendship among the teens.

This program is unique and has never been done before. Due to recent events, this type of program is what our community is in need of most. It is our job as Global Citizens to stand up for those who do not have a voice or the means to communicate. It is our job to take initiative and make sure our differences are appreciated, welcomed, understood and cherished, so our future leaders will see diversity as a strength.

Financiado pelo capítulo Pittsburgh, PA (January 2017)