ÆPEX Access

ÆPEX Contemporary Performance proposes using the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation’s support to launch “ÆPEX Access” a public art endeavor that augments our typical concert presentations with free, simulcast viewing stations across downtown Ann Arbor. With funds from the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation, we will debut this concept during our October 14th concert at Ann Arbor’s First United Methodist Church, and test it for future applications.

ÆPEX Access will use social media applications, such as ‘Periscope’, to broadcast this concert at least three sites chosen for their physical accessibility and technological capabilities. For example, at least one site will be outdoors, which will require new equipment and staff. However, we will also choose sites that already have video and sound systems, and that are known for hosting viewing events, such as the theater at the downtown Ann Arbor Public Library.

ÆPEX Contemporary Performance will promote ÆPEX Access, but also anticipates this initiative will generate spontaneous interactions with this concert. The goal of ÆPEX Access is making our performances more accessible to Ann Arbor’s art- and music-loving public. Not only will ÆPEX Access help our October 14th concert reach listeners beyond its physical boundaries, it will also intensify the listening experience for our audience at the church, as they will know others across Ann Arbor are enjoying the same performance.

We are confident ÆPEX Access, will yield a communal art experience impossible to achieve by traditional means. ÆPEX Access will give hundreds of people in the Ann Arbor community a chance to experience ÆPEX Contemporary Performance’s world-class concert production at no cost, simply by taking a walk, or by making a regular visit to their favorite local establishment. By making the world’s best newly composed music public, ÆPEX Access holds the potential to facilitate countless meaningful and unexpected art interactions for people across downtown Ann Arbor.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (September 2016)