Heels that Heal

I am a mom of two girls who is passionate about youth and their struggle to be youthful. I am a LPN, I work in Public Health as a HIV/AIDS tester and counselor and Disease Intervention Specialist. I am in constant company of youth and hurt when I cant afford to take just one worry away from them for atleast a moment.

My project is focused on providing Heels for young girls to wear to their school dances ie:(homecoming, sweetheart swirl, prom etc..). The original plan was to solicit donated heels from celebrities with a message along with their donated pair of heels but as I continually talk w/ my daughters, their friends and parents, alot of them need dresses as well. I plan to ask for those w/ dresses already to donate a dress, ask for a cleaners to donate the cleaning of the donated dresses, ask celebrities for donated shoes, but hold a sell, 3 times a year with the donated dresses and shoes, by selling tickets for $10. Your ticket allows you to pick a dress and a pair of shoes. The $10 fee goes towards purchasing what ever dresses or shoes are needed so that there is a pair of shoes for every dress, for every young lady who needs it. It would be awesome to have this spin off into suits and shoes for males as well.

This work is planned to be carried out by Volunteers, hopefully the youth that will in return benefit from their involvement as well.

Financiado pelo capítulo Grand Rapids, MI (December 2011)