It Starts Here: Earth Summit 2016

Our Earth Summit will bring together students from all over the island for the purpose of solving Earth’s issues. Private and public school students alike will be brought together in order to collaborate and share ideas and action plans to tackle issues such as sustainable fishing, deforestation, habitat loss, endangered species, food waste in Hawaii, and many more. We believe that every student has valuable and unique ideas that have the potential to change the world. With this Earth Summit, we will provide a platform for these ideas and allow students to collaborate with others with different or like-minded ideals. We are hoping that the It Starts Here Earth Summit 2016 will be the beginning of an annual tradition and in future years we want to be able to host students from schools around the continental United States. We have already received word from teachers in other states and countries wanting to attend our Earth Summit in 2017.
The Earth Summit 2016 will have great impact on the students and educators of Oahu. We will raise awareness about many issues facing our planet and islands through workshops and collaborative sessions. We also aim to connect students from every Ahupua'a on Oahu to each other and to those around the country through communication about problems that affect us directly here in the Hawaiian Islands and issues that are present globally.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (April 2016)