Raleigh Film Underground

Raleigh Film Underground was born out of a desire for alternative film to have a place in our city. As independent theaters close and industry funding is cut off, the message seemed to be that there isn't a market for filmmaking or independent movie fans. This couldn't be further from the truth, in fact the growth of our city is mirrored in the growth of our incredible creative community. It's important to invest in these people, which is what this project sets out to do.

Each month, a new film and venue will be chosen and announced via social media. Fans of John Waters, Gus Van Sant, Lisa Cholodenko, Cassavetes, Antonioni, Maya Deren, Gordon Parks, and Pedro Almodóvar (just to name a few) will find something to love, and curious fun-seekers may discover new interests. Folks looking for free fun, film buffs coming out for one of their favorites, creative boundary-pushers getting a fix: there's a lot for our great city in a humble evening of movie-screening. Often it is the conversation, laughter, and reflection that comes from sharing a film together that makes it the most valuable.

Like going to any movie, the Raleigh Film Underground will show previews (one per event). Regional filmmakers and video artists are welcome to submit a short work or music video to screen before the feature. This series aims to support both the people here who love film and those that create it.

Financiado pelo capítulo Raleigh, NC (January 2016)