Gender Amplified

Gender Amplified is a movement that aims to celebrate Women in music production, raise their visibility and develop a pipeline for girls and young women to get involved behind the scenes as music producers.

Ebonie Smith, founder and chief curator of Gender Amplified, was inspired by her own experience in the music industry as a producer, singer-songwriter and audio engineer to address the lack of parity between men and women in the industry. In creating Gender Amplified, Smith seeks to provide a platform to empower women with the skills they need to succeed in the music production roles that are typically held by men.

Through their ongoing work within and beyond the music industry, Gender Amplified empowers women to develop their career potential with the skills they need. And by gaining its 501(c)(3) status through its Awesome Foundation grant, Gender Amplified can grow its network of donors and sponsors along with its impact.

Why We Think This is Awesome

By organizing public events that foster healthy dialogue about the role gender plays in the music making process, Gender Amplified endeavors to give voice to a subculture of women who are using music technology to create their own music and perpetuate their unique identities.

Check out this video from Gender Amplified’s 2013 Summit to hear directly from the women that Gender Amplified has impacted.

Gender Amplified has one music production workshop scheduled to take place at The Frederick Douglass Academy on March 31, 2016. Interested in learning more, attending an event, or getting involved as a volunteer? Go to or contact the Gender Amplified team at

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