Black Nirvana

Black Nirvana is the brainchild of The Black Opera, an interdisciplinary artist collective from Michigan. The goal of Black Nirvana is to explore social and racial issues through a multi-linear series of performance vignettes with an intense hip-hop driven score. This project exists on a mobile stage and includes a custom digital projection system to elevate the performance experience. Individual mobile audio capabilities will be supplied to the attendees to enhance interactivity throughout Black Nirvana. Throughout the performance experience, participants will be invited to wear headphones. All will engage in call-and-response, chants, dancing and movement that coincide with visual and audio cues during Black Nirvana in demonstration of collective unification. Select elements of Black Nirvana will filter into a live global social media experiment, which will allow an on-demand view of participant thoughts and reactions, fueling new theories of change around the world.

Black Nirvana is a two hour mobile performance experience and will tour select locations throughout the USA in Fall 2016, with sights on international motion in 2017. The project is seeded in hip-hop music, video projection and visual arts, and will include an interactive social media element during each performance experience. Black Nirvana will utilize music, technology, and genuine hard work to provoke new a new school of thought with art as a catalyst for socioeconomic elevation.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (January 2016)