GOODNIGHT, COURTNEY LOVE - A site-specific dance

On October 8-10th, 2015, in partnership with the North Boulder Recreation Center, dance artists Joanna Rotkin and Laura Ann Samuelson will perform GOODNIGHT, COURTNEY LOVE, a site-specific dance project created in and for the NBRC's leisure pool. On October 8th, the performance will be dedicated to serving specific audiences associated with NBRC, including but not exclusive to: The Youth Services Initiative for low-income youth and the EXPAND program for people with disabilities. On October 9th and 10th, the performances will be open to the general public. All performances of GOODNIGHT, COURTNEY LOVE are free.

GOODNIGHT, COURTNEY LOVE pushes the boundaries of dance in new
directions, bringing innovative investigations to the local community. Samuelson and Rotkin work in non-traditional spaces as a means to imagine new ways of interacting with the world.

This work is a movement towards deeper connection, involvement, and
transparency within the process of art making. Because all of the project's
activities take place during NBRC's hours of operation, patrons witness the artists' process as it unfolds, giving the public and performers alike an opportunity to explore how the creation of art interacts with everyday life.

GOODNIGHT, COURTNEY LOVE offers audiences an inclusive and thoughtful way to experience live performance in a non-traditional setting. Because of Rotkin’s highly successful and well attended performance, dirtland, that took place in the Racquet Ball Court at NBRC last September, Samuelson and Rotkin are stepping into a well established relationship with the NBRC community. Patrons and staff recognize these artists and directly engage them through spontaneous conversations during every rehearsal. These unplanned and delightful interactions are building relationships between performers and patrons, allowing for heartfelt and intriguing connections to occur, before any formal public event has taken place.

Financiado pelo capítulo Boulder, CO (October 2015)