Home 45 is a free public space, located in the cellar of a building, constructed in the end of the 19th century on Yeznik Koghbatsi Street – one of the four streets making up the Old Yerevan district. Formally the buildings are under the protection of the government, but in reality they are being deconstructed one by one; the few ones that survived are expecting their death sentence.
By supporting Home 45 you will help this historical building to get a chance to survive and live a longer life, to serve creative people from Armenia and all over the world.
Home 45 was created with the means and enthusiasm of this community: a dirty rotten cellar step by step turned into a bright and light hearted free public space for social activism. It opened this spring and has hosted more than 50 travellers from all over the world, dozens of exhibitions, workshops, performances and even the most innovative wedding in Yerevan. The space is open to everyone who needs a space to create.
The platform has been supported by our community and from the small donations of our guests and residents, however, it is getting harder and harder to pay the rent and communal expenses. We initiated several fundraising events, and managed to collect a small amount of money, only letting us cover one month rent.
We start a campaign on indiegogo.com in parallel. You can follow the link below`

Financiado pelo capítulo Yerevan (July 2015)